First Day

First day at Google! Its been a long ways getting here, but opportunity only knocks once. If nothing else, it will certainly be interesting.

Achievement Get! College Degree

Finally I’m done. I have my degree, I’ve finished my educational track, and in a few short weeks I’ll be moving to Mountain View, California to start my career as an SRE at Google. I couldn’t have gotten here without some incredible people, I’d like to list them below. Without your incredible help, I would never have finished, these people are listed in chronological order and with qualifications to the best of my memory.


CV Network Refactor

My last spring break and I’m spending it doing a massive network refactor. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. For a long time the CV gateways have been custom managed OpenBSD machines. With the rest of the network now under full Ansible control with very nice setups for managing them, its time the OpenBSD network layer was given the same treatment. About a year ago I started working on this thing called “SimpleGateway”.


Senior Design

Senior design is shaping up just as bad as everyone said it would be. Update February 2017: This program is wierd, how did we get our project approved? Update March 2017: I’ve heard of software scope creep, but never this bad. Update April 2017: Finally a build freeze and bugfix window. Update May 2017: Finally done; I would not wish this class or experience on my worst enemies. I have worked on large design projects in the past and this was not representative of any of them.


Void on Ansible

Twas the night before christmas and not a creature was stirring save an infrastructure engineer. The rest of my family has gone to sleep, the tree is nicely lit and tomorrow will come early. But we’re burning SLO and the contract will expire for Void’s current build machine on the 31st of December. I’m capturing all the state with Ansible to stand up the new build server on the 26th so that it will be ready to go in the next few days.